10 Tips for Buying a New Car or Truck in NJ

In the market for a new car or truck? First off, congratulations! Buying a vehicle is a big purchase, and it’s important to be prepared. Here are the top 10 tips to steer you in the right direction: 

1. Do your research ahead of time

Check out the vehicle’s features, read consumer reviews, and compare prices online. Being knowledgeable will help you negotiate and get the best deal.

2. Compare prices with local dealerships

You are never bound to one dealership for simply scouting out the market.

3. Consider your financing options

Consider obtaining financing from your bank, rather than the dealership. Banks and credit unions usually offer better rates than dealerships when financing.

4. Get an auto insurance quote

Before you even decide on the vehicle you’re going to buy, you can get auto insurance quotes on the cars you’re considering. That way, you’ll get a general idea of how much you’ll be paying for insurance, and you’ll also be prepared to move quickly once you do decide on your vehicle.

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5. Always negotiate

The price of the car, terms of your loan, and value of your trade-in can (and should) all be negotiated. However, with today’s economy and lack of availability on the lot, buyers don’t have as much negotiating power as they once did. But it never hurts to try.

6. Decide on selling vs. trading in

Selling your existing vehicle is oftentimes better than trading it in. You may receive more value for going the traditional route and selling your car, but it’s important to weigh both options and see what’s more favorable for you. If you do decide to trade-in, plan ahead and know your vehicle’s most value. Consider having the car appraised by a professional.

7. Test drive the vehicle

Schedule an appointment in advance so the vehicle is ready to go, when you are. Make sure the car or truck is a good fit for you before committing to the big purchase.

8. Shop mid-week and early in the morning

Avoid shopping on the weekends. If you shop during a less busy time, you’re potentially the only serious buyer. The salesman wants to make a sale and might give more wiggle room with negotiations.

9. Negotiate the add-on fees

You can save money by negotiating add-on fees, like documentation, delivery costs, and advertising fees.

10. Finalize the details

Make sure to do a final review and walk-around of the vehicle to make sure the car or truck is in-tact and clean. Ask any questions about features of the car before you drive off of the lot.

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